Shoe Fit:
Our professional staff - led by Alfred Olivetti - provides a thorough assessment of your biomechanics, running history/needs, ailments, and foot type in determining the correct footwear for your individual needs.

We have a tried and tested methodology for fitting running / walking shoes. We focus our fitting on two principles - FIT and FUNCTION (see below for an overview of these methods). Over our 15 years in the running industry, we have honed our skills and stand ready to service you with the ideal pair of shoes.

Our Methods

FIT : Your shoes NEED to fit your feet well - otherwise, you simply wont wear them. Improper fitting shoes can lead to your feet burning or going numb. It can also cause blisters and hot spots. All of which are not good and ultimately prevent you from continuing your healthy behaviour. So, we focus on your FIT:

  • First, we look at your feet - we poke your feet - and, probably make fun of anything wacky we see.
  • Second, we take a impression of your feet so we can have a second vantage of your feet.
  • We are noting anything that may impact the way a shoe fits - notably, bone structural issues such as bunions, hamer toes, missing toes, wide feet, flat feet, ... anything.

Based on the shape of your feet and any structural issues we see - we fit you properly into a shoe that accommodates and supports your feet.

foot type assessment go tri sports

FUNCTION : Your shoes MUST function correctly - this is our most important responsibilty. Proper functioning shoes act as a tool to prevent injury and facilitate your performace. Your shoes should account for your foot strike, biomechanics, training regimine, body type, and history of ailments. Toward this goal, we focus on FUNCTION:

  • First, we discuss with you your running / walking goals and current training habits.
  • Second, we perform a dynamic running / walking assessment. We have you run / walk - and, we video your movement. This assessment anables us to determine your foot strike (pronation pattern) - and, other relevant biomechanical issues - and ultimately helps us recommend a shoe that provides the proper cushion and/or stability.

footstrike.png   img-1057.png

We pay special attention to your needs - so, based on the above assessment and listening to your concerns - we, offer footwear options that will advance your goals - whether it be finding a comfortable walking shoe to keep moving - or, your favorite running shoe that'll carry you to your next PR.

Shoe Modification:
We are experienced in modifying shoes to cater to an individuals needs - and, we offer a full range of shoe modifications to our customers at time of purchase and at no charge. We are happy to provide these same services to customers that bring in shoes purchased elsewhere for a nominal fee.

Services include - shoe cutting; insole replacement; arch support; and, medial support.

Email us with inquiries to shoe modifications.



Bike Fitting:
We offer a FREE bike fit with the purchase of a new bike.

We offer our Professional Bike Fit Service as a stand alone service. Our methods follow the F.I.S.T Axioms developed by Dan Empfield of fame (as well as numerous other accolades and accomplishments). We have 15 years of experience fitting triathlon bikes and we feel confident our skills will benefit your fit.

Our rate for Bike Fits are determined on an individual basis - and, based on time and mechanical services involved with the fit.

Email Bike Fit to schedule your BIKE FIT - or to inquire about details.


We have over 16 years experince in the production of running races and triathlons. Notable events we produce are - the Hilton Head Island Triathlon, the Beach Bum Triathlons, the Hilton Head Island KIDS Triathlons, SwimRun SC, SwimRun 5K, the Heritage 5K, the Palmetto Dunes Turtle Trot 5K, and the Mindful Triathlon (and previously, the Run for Ret 5K, the Bluffton Half Marathon, the GHS Greenville Half Marathon) and many other races...

go tri sports race production services

We have helped many event organizers produce wonderful events too. Our services focus on creating high quality events that are professional, safe, fun, and profitable. Below are just some of the services we offer:

  • Complete event management, production and direction
  • Planning and permitting for your event
  • Race course design, management, and marking
  • Marketing support through our website and social media platforms
  • Timing using RFID chip technology
  • Complete data entry and results
  • On-line Registration featuring a unique web page for your event
  • Event planning consultation services

Plus, we will provide all equipment necessary for event production, including:

  • Timing using RFID chip technology
  • Finish Line (sound system, fencing, tents, inflatable arch)
  • Course signage and mile markers
  • Swim buoys (GPS-measured courses)
  • Tables, water coolers, traffic cones...

Please reach out to us at to discuss our race production services further. Thank You.

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