Fit is Fit

Fit is Fit

Published by Alfred on Feb 21st 2019

Suggested Read - Fit is Fit - Jonathan Beverly / February 4, 2019.
     This article really hits the mark. Hang’n in my shop everyday, I get the great fortune of talking with all sorts of athletes - it’s a great perk to my job. Very often the conversation turns to the theme of racing - usually starting with questions like “what are you training for” or “whats next for you”. Since I don’t race nearly as much as in my younger years - I simply state that I am training to be the fittest 51 year old on the planet. This usually gets a smile - and then they go off into their personal race plans and all the training they are doing to prepare (which is sometimes what they really wanted to talk about anyway). Its all good - I love to hear people getting after it - racing - training. I get it. I just pray they don’t fall into the cycle described in the article (its a small handful that don’t). I like that the article stresses consistency, variation, and the positive’s of just being fit and ready for anything - or any distance race. I can relate to that.

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