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The Story of How One Man Transformed the Tri Scene on Hilton Head Island


Thanks for looking a bit deeper inside GO TRI SPORTS. We are are group of talented individuals who together make up a powerful team focused on serving our customers. The skills inherent to our team members have been honed over decades of work in the running, triathlon and cycling industry. Our distinction lies in our experience, knowledge, and "customer-first" mindset – all under one roof and focused on serving YOU!


GO TRI SPORTS is dedicated to serving athletes of all skill levels and experience - and, to giving back to our community. We strive to offer the best of our resources (time, talents and treasure) to advance the sports of triathlon and running - and, support triathletes and runners (locally and worldwide).

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Founder / Owner
I began my triathlon / running career in 1996, while earning a doctorate degree at West Virginia University. Upon graduation, I opened my triathlon store GO TRI SPORTS in Hilton Head Island, SC. in the year of 2000. I've spent the past 20 years in the triathlon / running industry as a retailer, sporting event producer, and all-around advocate of Triathlon and Running. I am a triathlete and a runner, with a great passion for my sports.  I still train many hours a week and race as often as possible. My race history includes many Ironmans, marathons, 703. triathlons, half marathons, and other triathlons and road races of all distances.

My knowledge of product, training, running mechanics, run gait analysis, run / walk shoe fitting, injury prevention, and most other things regarding triathlons and running comes from my experience and hands-on service to the athletes I have been privileged to serve. Whether it be fitting running shoes, bike-fit and positioning, or leading triathlon camps / clinics - I feel confident I can be of service to you - and I am grateful for the opportunity.

I am thankful for the personal relationships that Triathlon and Running has provided over my many years in the industry. I remain motivated by the rewards of helping others Find their Freedom by reaching their potential and aspirations. Thank you.

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Alfred Olivetti

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