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  • Sweat Test with Go Tri Sports

    Nov 20th 2019

    Sweat Test with Go Tri Sports

    SWEAT TEST with Go Tri SportsBenefits of a Sweat Test and creating a Personalized Hydration Strategy…

    Published by Alfred

  • Heart Rate Running for Results

    Aug 13th 2019

    Heart Rate Running for Results

    Allow me to put my coaching hat on for a moment. I promise I won’t get too geeky on y’all - maybe ju…

    Published by Alfred

  • Fit is Fit

    Feb 21st 2019

    Fit is Fit

    Suggested Read - Fit is Fit - Jonathan Beverly / February 4, 2019.      This ar…

    Published by Alfred

  • $1000 for the Otters!

    Dec 20th 2018

    $1000 for the Otters!

    Happy to report that we donated $1000 to the teachers at the Hilton Head Elementary IB school (money…

    Published by Alfred

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